Harold E. Cheatham

The American Psychological Association recognized Harold E. Cheatham as a pioneer in multicultural counseling and development in July 1997.

Cheatham received a B.S. in psychology from Penn State University in 1961, a M.A. degree from Colgate University in 1969, and a doctorate degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1973.

He has held professorships and leaderships at Case Western Reserve University, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Penn State, and Clemson University. He has also served as education leader of mental health service delivery in the Soviet Union (1984) and China (1987), and as medical missionary to Zambia, Ghana, and Vietnam (2002 - 2004). 

Cheatham is an emeritus member of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), a distinguished member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and a member of Skull and Bones Society, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Delta Beta Boule, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity Phi Kappa Phi, and the Fulbright Scholars Association. He has served on the editorial boards of the Career Development Quarterly, Western Journal of Black Studies, Journal of Black Psychology, Journal of College Student Development, and as editor of the ACPA Media Board. 

Cheatham’s research addresses multicultural counseling theory and practice, cultural pluralism, and psychosocial development of African Americans in U.S. higher education, and he has received much recognition for his work.

Cheatham is Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of counseling and education leadership at Clemson University. He also achieved Professor Emeritus status at Penn State.


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