Ronald L. Mallett

Ronald L. Mallett received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in physics from Penn State. He is one of America’s first African Americans to earn a doctoral degree in theoretical physics and is regarded as an authority on time travel.

Mallett has published numerous papers on black holes and cosmology in professional journals. His breakthrough research on time travel has been featured extensively in international media, including New Scientist, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, NPR’s This American Life, the National Geographic Channel, and NBC’s Today Show.

Mallett’s recently published memoir Time Traveler: A Scientist’s Personal Mission to Make Time Travel a Reality has been translated into Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Spike Lee’s production has acquired the film rights to the book. 

Lee, Emmy-winning and Academy Award-nominated director/producer, plans to co-write the script and direct the movie.


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